Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Writing the Old-Fashioned Way

The biggest chunk (almost all of it actually) of the first draft of Dragonslayer was written in Scrivener. I love the program - it makes it so easy to make your manuscript look professional, and it's very organised. However, since I started university I've barely been writing. Sitting in front of the computer doesn't inspire me, it only distracts me or reminds me of school assignments. I've barely written any fiction for over a year, which is terrible because the stories are still so fresh in my mind.

So I decided to try if writing the old-fashioned way would help. It's slower, but it's more portable and won't force me to spend even more time on a computer than I already do on a daily basis. So, I'm now writing in a note book with fountain pen.

I actually really hate pink. But this Monologue notebook was on sale for only $3, which is a deal I couldn't resist. If writing like this works for me on the long term, I'll make sure to buy a notebook in a slightly more "me" colour like purple.

So far it's been great. I managed to write almost 700 words today, after not having written anything in over a month. I call that progress!

The first draft of Dragonslayer was awesome, but it really needed tightening. Instead of trying to patch together little pieces of story, I'm rewriting huge parts of it. Therefore I'm resetting the counter on the sidebar. Bye bye, 20.000 words! I hope to see you again soon.


  1. I've often found that when I'm stuck, switching to writing by hand really helps. I suppose it engages the brain differently or something. Whatever the case, anything that gets the words on the page is a good thing!

    1. It somehow really does help! One reason why it works so well for me is that I can't check my word count every three seconds. Thanks for leaving a comment ^^