Sunday, 20 October 2013

#Nanowrimo 2013 Plans

I've decided to join the madness that's Nanowrimo - National Novel Writing Month! Instead of the 50K goal that's usual for Nano's I'm going to write a children's book. Since a children's book isn't supposed to be that long my goal will be between 15 and 20K, basically just until the story is finished. I don't want to add word fat just to reach a 50K goal, I want to get out of this month with a complete manuscript.

I decided not to write Dragonslayer during November, but am instead writing one of the ideas I've been toying around with for a few weeks. I'm giving myself one month to make that idea work, and then I'm returning to finish what I started with Dragonslayer.

Since I'm not going for the 50K words, I'm also going to do a first edit of this new manuscript in November (if the writing gods are nice to me at least). You can follow my process on my Nano profile, or check my process in the sidebar. I don't want to reveal the title of my Nano novel yet because it's PURE AWESOMENESS, so it will have the code name Nano GGU for now.

Happy writing!

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