Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Writer in You Blog Hop #2

This weekly meme is hosted by Katie @ The Fiction Diaries. Basically it's a blog hop for aspiring writers with a weekly question.

Q: When and where do you do most of your writing?

I have the freedom to write whenever I want right now - university doesn't start until a few months, and I don't have a job. I try to write in the morning/noon, as that seems to be the time that works best for me. It's very low-pressure to write so early in the day, so if I don't get my daily quota I can just do it later. I write on my laptop, on the couch in the living room. I'm feeling pretty bad right now that I haven't written today yet, but my Scrivener isn't working for some reason ):

When and where do you write? Leave a comment (:


  1. You are very consistent in terms of your word count. I can see it increasing every time I visit your site. It shows that you are really writing (unlike me). Even though I not studying or working right now, I find myself spending most of the time reading!

    Anyway, hope your Scrivener will work well again soon so you can continue with your goal. :)

    1. I'm really proud to see my word count increase every day, it gives me hope that some day I might actually get published and be a real author.

      I'm sure you will find the motivation sometime too (: One day you will just sit down with your story and write the whole thing. :D

  2. Nice! Good for you for having balance.

    ~Shane @ItchingforBooks new follower

    Check out mine:

  3. I wish I could be that consistent! I'm in the same boat - off season from Uni and no job at the moment - but I've been having problems getting motivated to write lately.
    Hopefully your Scrivener will allow you to get back to writing soon!:)


    1. It helps if you set yourself a daily goal, at least it does for me (: That way I kind of force myself to sit down every day to write. Thanks for hosting the hop Katie!